Big Creek Camping

In August of 2002, we went to North Carolina for a bit of a vacation before seminary classes started for me and school started for Stewart. We had only been camping a couple of times during the summer, so we wanted to camp. I talked to my parents, and they agreed to camp with us at Big Creek, in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. So, we headed to North Carolina, stayed at Mom and Dad's for one night, and then headed for the campground.

We got to the campground just in time; there were only two spots left. We set up camp in a really nice spot next to the creek. We found out later that the only reason the spot was empty was that the rangers kicked a rowdy group out of it a few hours earlier. After we set up our tents, we headed up the Big Creek Trail toward Midnight Hole. Midnight Hole is a deep, crystalline pool of icy water at the base of a small waterfall. There are some huge rocks beside the waterfall that are suitable for jumping into the pool. I didn't have my swimming trunks, so I didn't swim, but the water sure did look inviting. Dad, Stewart, and I continued up the trail to Mouse Creek Falls, and Mom and Crystal went back to camp. Mouse Creek Falls was beautiful even though it was not at full flow. The water level in all the creeks was pretty low, probably because of the time of year.

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Christmas Vignettes

We spent the 2002 Christmas holidays with my family in North Carolina. My parents were in the process of building their house at the time, so we were crammed into the tiny little two bedroom house that they were renting. That didn't ruin our Christmas spirit. This page contains vignettes of our trip and a lot of photos instead of a comprehensive story.

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Jones Gap Backpacking Trip

Jeremy Dolby, Tim Hewitt, Joe Reaper, Adam Thompson, and I decided that we wanted to spend our sophomore year Spring Break on a backpacking trip. A couple of years earlier, I had taken a backpacking trip to Jones Gap State Park in South Carolina. I suggested that we go there as a group since it was close to my house. That would allow us to stay with my parents before and after the backpacking portion of our trip. They guys liked that idea, so we ordered maps and started making plans.

We decided to set up a base camp so that we could go on day hikes without carrying the full weight of our gear. We picked group site B on the Coldspring Branch Trail, just off the Jones Gap Trail, as our home base. To give ourselves maximum flexibility, we chose not to plan the day hikes in advance.

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