My Gift - A Poem (101 Things #10)

Crystal was having a rough day today, so I started to write her a note. It came out as a poem somehow. Please, no heckling. A professional poet, I am not. :)

My gift from up above,
you are the object of my love.

My gift from heaven's throne,
life's better together than on my own.

My gift from God on high,
without you, I'd not get by.

My gift from God's abounding grace,
how I love to see your sweet face.

My gift from God, each day, each hour,
I'm thrilled this life is ours to share.

Posted by Greg on January 15, 2008 at 5:00PM.

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I Only Wonder...

A different grief fills my soul tonight.

I stare at the endless sea of stars glimmering brilliantly in the cold night sky and wonder...

I do not ask why; I only wonder...

I wonder how God forms us out of nothing, into a masterpiece.

I wonder at the frailty of the human mind encountering the evils of this world.

I wonder...

I wonder at the beauty I still find in the midst of such still grief.

I wonder how God could possibly use these horrific things for good.

I wonder as I look at my own solemn reflection; do my eyes tell the mysteries revealed to me in the darkness of my night?

I wonder...

I wonder how I will let go of a child that was never really mine.

I wonder if I have any right to feel anger of things I cannot comprehend.

I wonder...

I wonder how many will God call to love the outcasts, the loveless, the destitute of soul?

I wonder at how few will ever leave the illusion of their own comfort and desire for a problem and pain free life -- to risk everything to love.

I wonder...

I wonder how I can sit here now before the throne of God and thank Him for my sorrow, my trials, my pain.

I wonder...

I wonder why I ever thought this life was about me at all!

Posted by Crystal on November 16, 2007 at 1:26PM.

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