101 Things Round 5

Project Dates

May 24, 2019 to February 18, 2022

Project Progress

0/101 and 3 in process

The List


001. Read the portions of the Bible that I didn't complete during the time covered by my last 101 things goal list

002. Read How to Read a Book

003. Read 3 books from the appendix of How to Read a Book

004. Read 5 business books

005. Read 3 books about science

006. Read 5 books recommended by Ryan Holiday

007. Read the next 5 presidential biographies for my presidential bio bucket list goal

008. Read 3 books from Book Lust to Go

009. Read 3 books about racial/discrimination issues

010. Read 3 books that have won the National Outdoor Book Award

011. Read 5 books on the Book in Common list

012. Read 5 books that I own (physically, not on the Kindle) but have not yet read

013. Read 52 books per year in 2019, 2020, and 2021

Culture and Education

014. Go on the Artoberfest art studio tour

015. Attend Taste of Chico

016. Work through the Open Yale literature class

017. Attend a Chico Performances show

018. Watch 25 TED talks

019. Visit a museum

020. Listen to 10 classical albums that I have purchased but not yet listened to

Health and Fitness

021. Run a 5k

022. Swim a mile without stopping

023. Complete a century bike ride

024. Complete a sprint triathlon

025. Participate in one of the local Wednesday night group rides

026. Fast from refined sugar for 30 days (fruit is fine)

027. Exercise at least 3 times a week for at least 100 of the weeks during the time covered by this list (bike commutes to/from work count) [18/100]

028. Track my food intake for 30 days in a row

029. Weigh less than 240 pounds

030. Weigh less than 200 pounds

Travel and Outdoor Activities

031. Visit a National Park that I haven't yet visited

032. Vist a U.S. state, Canadian province, or foreign country that I haven't yet visited

033. Climb Brokeoff Mountain

034. Climb Lassen on full moon night

035. Take a basic mountaineering course

036. Take a level 1 avalanche course

037. View a meteor shower

038. Camp at the Fowlers Camp Campground

039. Camp at Lake Alpine

040. Camp at Panther Meadows

041. Hike the Crags Trail in Castle Crags State Park

042. Complete a 2 week or longer through hike

043. Take an overnight or longer bikepacking trip

044. Go hiking (or snowshoeing) in at least 26 of the 32 months covered by this goal list [2/32]


045. Take Emily backpacking

046. Take Anna backpacking

047. Take Victoria camping

048. Go on a backpacking trip with Dad

049. Take a kid-free trip with Crystal

050. Design a book or series of books containing family photos from 2008 through 2020


051. Redesign this site

052. Design and purchase our wedding album

053. Make a list of movies that I would like to own and purchase 5 of them

054. Design and build a website that serves as a personal business card, a hub pointing to my other sites and businesses

055. Digitize as much of the family photo archive (especially Mom and Dad's negatives) as I can

Organization and Time Management

056. Organize all media (music, movies, home videos, podcasts, and audiobooks)

057. Design a system for organizing scanned documents

058. Go through all old paperwork. Throw away what is not needed, and scan everything else

059. Organize our bedroom

060. Organize our garage

061. Private


062. Purchase a bike rack for our car

063. Purchase a headstone for the grave of the twins

064. Purchase an entertainment center for our living room

065. Purchase a home theater receiver and speakers

066. Purchase everything I need to make our camping boxes grab-and-go

067. Purchase needed sleeping bags and pads for our new tent

068. Pay off all credit card debt

069. Pay off our car


070. Build a website for Greg Coates Photography

071. Read Art/Work

072. Read 3 photography books

073. Take at least 1 photo-specific trip each year in 2019, 2020, and 2021

074. Complete the setup of our image backup system

075. Organize all negatives and slides

076. Rate all original (non-derivative) digital images

077. Purchase everything I need to digitize my film images

078. Digitize all film images that need to be digitized

079. Keyword and rate all digitized film images

080. Shoot a roll of film every week for a year

081. Create 10 portfolio quality images in Lassen Volcanic National Park

082. Create 10 portfolio quality images in Bidwell Park

083. Sell gear that I no longer need

084. Photograph Yosemite in the winter

085. Photograph in Death Valley

086. Photograph in Redwood National/State Park

087. Watch CreativeLive course on videography

088. Learn to use Adobe Premier for video editing

089. Create 10 videos for my Youtube channel

090. Make at least 2 BTZS tubes

091. Photograph 10 scenes with my view camera

092. Learn to make Platinum/Palladium prints

093. Private


094. Redesign the Coatesoft website

095. Learn responsive design techniques

096. Learn HTML 5/CSS 3

097. Learn about DevOps

098. Read 3 books listed on the Programmer Competency Matrix

099. Release a new product for Coatesoft


100. Move into a management position

101. Generate monthly freelance/business income equivalent to half of what I make at my day job

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