Afraid of Being Real

I have found myself pondering this same issue again and again. Why are people so afraid of being real with one another? Is it our egos or something more? How many people walk through this life and find it next to impossible to be totally open and honest with others? Or for that part, how many of us are capable of handling that sort of honesty and vulnerability? I think it comes down to fear or many fears.

Are we really better off if we compartmentalize our lives, hide our "greatest" sins, or remain silent in our needs? Do we serve each other better when we "perform," or act as we deem others think we should? Are we created to need each other? If we are, then why do we behave in such ways?

I long to see people being open, honest and caring with each other; where pride is swallowed and we really lean on each other in our darkest hours; where prayer requests are more then surface level tidbits, and the real meat of the matter is offered up instead. I long to know at the deepest level what it means to be poured out in service and love to others. I long for others to know that true freedom includes the ability to be completely real with those we love, to be able to find a safe place to fall and support to start again. I think that this is what we need, what we long for. I believe that this is a gift, if only we could be free from the fears.

Posted by Crystal on November 8, 2008 at 9:46PM.

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