Life's Everyday Blessings

The book Ruthless Trust talks about seeing everything around us as manifestations of the glory of God:

Those who look beyond the literal see the world as a metaphor for God. When they direct us to the majesty of the mountains, the beauty of the prairies, the variety of wildflowers along the roadside, the smell of mint and hay on a summer morning, the rumble of a train through the valley, the sound of a waterfall, they birth the Word in our midst. They dare us to dream of our homeland, where eye has not seen, neither has ear heard, nor has the imagination conceived of the beauty that awaits us.

Since reading this, I've been watching for ways that God is revealing himself to me through the things I see in my life as a husband, father, and child of God. Here are just a few of my everyday blessings, the blessings that give me small glimpses of what heaven might look like.

  • A smile and a slobber-kiss from a one-year-old with only 4 teeth.
  • Waking up to find that Emily has crawled into bed with me sometime during the night. Let the tickle-fest begin!
  • Hugs and kisses from my wife and a love for her that grows stronger and deeper with each day.
  • Watching my adopted daughter's life being transformed by love and a relationship with God.
  • Sunshine, puffy clouds, and crisp air the day after a storm.
  • My teenage daughter's giggle of pure joy.

  • The radiant beauty of a wife in love with her Lord.
  • Clouds at sunset painted pink by the light of the setting sun.
  • Laughing our heads off during a family game night.

Posted by Greg on January 18, 2008 at 8:00AM.

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