States I've Visited (Bucket List #3)

Goal #3 on my bucket list is to visit every state in the U.S. I'll track that goal using this map. The table below the map contains some details about my visits in reverse chronological order of first visits to a state. The early ones are approximates as my memory from that far back is a little fuzzy.

State Year of Visit Visit Description
Wyoming 2008 We drove through the state on our return trip from Colorado. It was snowy and cold! Once I got used to the emptiness, it was very beautiful.
Colorado 2008 We visited our friends the Fish family.
Washington 2007 Washington was a huge part of the summer road trip that we took in celebration of our girls' adoptions.
Arizona 2004 I crossed Arizona during my cross-country move.
New Mexico 2004 I crossed New Mexico during my cross-country move.
Texas 2004 I crossed the Texas panhandle during my cross-country move.
Oklahoma 2004 I crossed Oklahoma during my cross-country move.
Arkansas 2004 I drove a Penske truck across the country when we moved from Kentucky to California. Arkansas was the first new state I crossed.
Illinois 2003 Crystal and I went to Chicago on a mission trip with our church in Kentucky.
New York 2002 Crystal and I drove through New York and say Niagara Falls from the New York side.
Oregon 2007 We visited several places in Oregon on our summer road trip, including the coast, Portland, the Columbia River Gorge, Salem, and Ashland.
2004 Crystal and I visited Portland and the Columbia River Gorge on an impromptu weekend trip.
1999 Crystal, her family, and I drove about a quarter of the way up the coast on a road trip.
California 2004 Crystal and I moved to California.
1999 I flew to California with Crystal while we were dating so I could meet her family.
Idaho 2000 I made another trip to Idaho to help out while the pastors at a couple of churches that we supported were in North Carolina for a month. I saw some of the scenery, and I taught some Sunday School classes and youth group meetings.
1998 My first trip "out West" was as a camp counselor. Several people from my high school church youth group served as counselors at a week-long camp for young children.
Nevada 1998 We stayed in Nevada before and after the camp in Idaho described above.
Utah 1998 We flew into Utah for the camp described above, and we stayed in Salt Lake City for one night.
New Jersey 1998 I visited New Jersey on tour with the Men's Glee Club while I attended Cedarville College. One of the highlights of this trip was watching one of our choir members, an Alaska native, jump into the Atlantic Ocean in February while snow was falling.
West Virginia 1999 I drove through West Virginia in route to be in the wedding of one of my high school friends.
Pennsylvania 1998 Pennsylvania was also a destination of the Glee Club tour described above.
Indiana 1997 A couple of my best friends in college were from Indiana. We made several trips to their homes.
Michigan 1997 Two of my college friends lived in Michigan, so I went there several times to visit their families.
Missouri 1995 I visited St. Louis on my high school senior class trip.
Ohio 1995 I lived in Ohio during the academic year while I was attending Cedarville College.
1994 I first visited Ohio when I first visited Cedarville College.
Florida 1993 As a member of my high school's choir, I visited several locations in Florida, including Daytona Beach.
Maryland 1991 I traveled to Maryland with my high school freshman class as part of a trip to Washington, D.C.
South Carolina
1977-1991 Each of these states were visited on family vacations during my childhood. I don't remember exactly when, but as I find out, I'll modify this section. Also, I lived in Kentucky for a year before and 3 years after my marriage to Crystal starting in 2000.
North Carolina 2006 The entire Coates Family traveled to North Carolina for Christmas.
2000-2004 Crystal and I drove to North Carolina from Kentucky multiple times for visits.
1977-2000 I was born and raised in Weaverville. I lived there until I moved away to college, and I returned to live there again for 1 year after I graduated from college. During those years, I traveled to many different places in the state including the Outer Banks, Sunset Beach, Raleigh, and Charlotte.

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