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I've struggled with my weight and eating habits since I was in junior high. Now, years later, the extra weight that I carry causes aches and pains, and it hampers my enjoyment of some of my favorite activities such as hiking. I'm also well aware that my unhealthy diet will ultimately shorten my life if not changed, and I certainly don't want Crystal or the girls to be without me because of something preventable like my food choices.

In light of these things, I put two weight and diet related goals on my 101 Things list: drop to my goal weight of 180 pounds (#22) and eliminate junk food from my diet (#23).

Leo Babauta describes the process he followed in becoming a vegetarian in his blog post How to Become a Vegetarian, the Easy Way. While I'm not going down the vegetarian path at this time, his methods will transfer easily to the changes I'm trying to make. In a nutshell, he recommends changing habits gradually, one act at a time, instead of trying to change everything all at once.

Staying away from sugary foods and other junk foods and making the time to prepare breakfasts and lunches before I go to work for the day are my biggest struggles. In light of that, here are the steps that I plan to follow in order to change my habits:

  1. Read Dr. Phil's book on weight control: The Ultimate Weight Solution. This book goes beyond dieting and addresses the psychological barriers to weight loss.
  2. Start drinking nothing but water and other beverages such as tea that contain no sugar.
  3. Start getting up early enough to prepare a healthy breakfast before leaving for work. (This will help me stay away from the donuts that I'm prone to grab after I arrive at work.)
  4. In the evening, pack a lunch for the following day. Make it healthy.
  5. Keep healthy snacks around the house and at my desk at work. Eat those instead of junk food snacks.
  6. Choose fruit instead of ice cream, cake, or other highly processed sweets for dessert.

If I can work my way through these steps, I'll lose weight. My diet and lifestyle will also be much healthier at the end of my journey than it is now.

Posted by Greg on September 23, 2008 at 11:10AM.

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