What Next?

I am so tired of this road, the road I call 'What Next Lane'. It seems I have traveled here so often I have every crack and rock memorized along the path; and yet it always seems a bit different and a bit more daunting than it was the time before. I stand before a road that leads to 'who knows where' and wonder if I will ever get there. It seems I am stalled in neutral on this road, going neither forward or backward. I know it is but a temporary and powerful illusion. And yet, the power draws me into a place dripping with self pity and egotism. My eyes lose their luster and the light seems to dim.

What is the point of this road? As I stare at the familiar foreboding of time past I realize my sight is darkly distorted through the lens of myself. I look upon my Savior and the light returns, illuminating my path yet again. I am saddened to see that my path seems hidden still to me. The tears of sadness and despair run gently down my cheeks. Why can't I see? What am I to do? So many questions fill my mind, and then their comes a calm -- a calm in the midst of my stormy thoughts. A gentle whisper soothes my soul. "Trust me...I will not let you go."

Posted by Crystal on January 15, 2008 at 11:11AM.

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